On-Premises API Sunset

WhatsApp Business Platform is transitioning fully to our next-generation Cloud API over the next 2 years.

The final supported version of the On-Premise API client will expire on October 23, 2025. The API can still be used until then, but we recommend that you begin taking steps to migrate off of the API and onto Cloud API as soon as possible, in order to make the transition smoother, and to take advantage of upcoming Cloud API-only features.

This document will be updated with information relevant to the sunset as it is made available, so we recommend that you check it periodically.

Why Cloud API?

Since its launch in 2022, Cloud API has seen strong adoption and better performance than On-Premises API. Some of the reasons for this include:

  • Cost-effective: Reduced setup, hosting and maintenance costs. For example, some partners have experienced a 90%+ reduction in infrastructure costs after moving to Cloud API.
  • More Scalable: Cloud API is our fastest throughput platform, offering up to 1,000 messages per second (4x the level of On-Premises API).
  • Better Reliability: Cloud API consistently experiences 99.9% uptime and < 5 seconds p99 latency. View our WhatsApp Business API Status Page for uptime and latency statuses.
  • Secure and certified: Cloud API has enterprise-grade security features and certifications, including GDPR and LGPD compliance, SOC2 and SOC3 certification, and we are currently pursuing ISO 27001. See our Cloud API Compliance Center and our security and encryption whitepapers.
  • Local storage options: Cloud API now supports local storage, giving you the option to control where message data is stored at rest.
  • Cloud-only features: Cloud API offers more functionality than On-Premises API, with newly released functionality and upcoming functionality only available on Cloud API.

With these enterprise-grade messaging foundations in place, we have decided to transition to a fully cloud-hosted WhatsApp Business Platform.

Sunset Timeline

January 9, 2024

Starting after the release of On-Premises API v2.53 in January 2024, all new feature updates will ship exclusively to Cloud API. The On-Premise API client will continue to receive quarterly version releases, but will only address bug fixes and security patches.

July 1, 2024

Business phone numbers can only be registered for use with Cloud API.

October 23, 2025

The final version of On-Premises API (v2.63) will expire. Messages sent to or from business numbers still registered for use with On-Premises API will not be delivered.

Migrating to Cloud API

See our Migrating from On-Premises API to Cloud API document for migration instructions and differences between the two APIs.

Migration Support

If you have questions or need help with migration, submit a Direct Support ticket with:

  • Topic: WABiz: Cloud API
  • Request Type: On-Premises API -> Cloud API Migration Issues

Terms and Conditions

See Cloud API Terms.