Developer Onboarding Changelog

This changelog covers what has changed specifically for developer onboarding experience in the WhatsApp Business Platform.

August 28, 2023

New Boolean Field

We have introduced a new boolean field override_default_response_type. When set to true, any response types passed in response_type will take precedence over the default types.

August 9, 2023

Client Business Level Tokens

We have introduced granular tokens that exist at the client business level as an opt-in feature to help partners improve account security. In addition, we have updated the creation screens for Pre Filled Data.

July 6, 2023


We are requiring Solution Partners to request the whatsapp_business_messaging permission to use the API calls on the Cloud API, hosted by Meta. There is now a permissions acknowledgement screen businesses must go through in order to complete Embedded Signup.

April 17, 2023

Sort Phone Numbers According to Embedded Signup Onboarding Time

We are adding a last_onboarded_time field to the whats-app-business-account-to-number-current-status node and <waba_id>/phone_numbers endpoint to enable sorting results by when a user last onboarded the embedded signup flow. If this parameter is not specified, the results are sorted in descending order.

April 11, 2023

Get Selected Phone Number ID and WABA ID at the End of the Flow

In Version 2 of the Embedded Signup Flow, you can now retrieve both the phone number and WABA ID you selected by specifying the sessionInfoVersion inside the extras object at the end of the flow.

January 10, 2023

New Embedded Signup UI

We have started rolling out the new embedded signup UI.

October 6, 2022

Embedded Signup

Embedded Signup now supports mobile web browsers. The user interface will automatically optimize for a mobile experience when it detects that the viewer is using a mobile web browser.

September 30, 2022

Embedded Signup

Businesses that have been onboarded by a Solution Partner through the Embedded Signup or "On Behalf Of" process can now initiate up to 250 conversations with unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period, immediately.

April 14, 2022

Improved Onboarding

We’re making it easier for businesses and partners to scale on the WhatsApp Business Platform with an improved onboarding experience. Starting May 2, 2022, businesses will be able to message customers immediately after signup and only need to complete Business Verification when they’re ready to scale business-initiated conversations or request to become an Official Business Account.

The changes mean that onboarded businesses will be able to:

  • Respond to unlimited customer-initiated conversations,
  • Send business-initiated conversations to 50 unique customers in a rolling 24-hour period.

These are the changes being implemented on May 2, 2022:

  • WhatsApp Account checks and display name review will no longer be a requirement to get started on the platform. After signup, a compliance check with the WhatsApp Platform Policy Checks will be auto-triggered and will be performed in the background.
  • Display name review will be initiated after Business Verification is completed. Businesses should still follow the display name best practice guidelines when adding a new phone number. For more information, see Display Names.
  • Business Verification only needs to be completed when businesses are ready to scale business-initiated conversations or request to become an Official Business Account (OBA). For more information, see how to increase limits.
  • Since businesses get access to sending messages after sign up, the Unverified Trial Experience will be deprecated.
  • Businesses will be able to see the messaging limits in the Overview Dashboard in WhatsApp Manager -after completing the signup process.

The changes listed above have no impact on pricing. See pricing for more details.