WhatsApp Flows

WhatsApp Flows is a way to build structured interactions for business messaging. With Flows, businesses can define, configure, and customize messages with rich interactions that give customers more structure in the way they communicate.

You can use Flows to book appointments, browse products, collect customer feedback, get new sales leads, or anything else where structured communication is more natural or comfortable for your customers.

Learn About WhatsApp Flows


Brand new to WhatsApp Flows? Start here! In this section, you'll learn more about WhatsApp Flows and what it can do.

Get Started

Are you already familiar with Flows and ready to try it out? Learn how to build your first example Flow here.


Do you need some direction on best practices for Flows? Or want to see complete examples using Flow JSON? Explore more here.


Looking for technical details? Learn more about Flow JSON, the Flows REST API, error codes, and more here.


Are you looking for updates on what's changed? This section includes details on current versions, API changes, and more.

Get Support

If you're stuck on something with WhatsApp Flows, start here to get help. If you have feedback for us, this is also the place for you.

If you are managed partner , please select WABiz: Cloud API / WABiz: On Prem and then select request type as WA Flows