Message Templates Errors

ErrorDescriptionPossible Solution

2388019 - Message Template Limit Exceeded

You have exceeded the maximum number of message templates you can have for this WhatsApp business account.

A WhatsApp Business Account can have up to 250 message templates. Learn more.

Phone Migration Errors

ErrorDescriptionPossible Solution

2388001 - Please confirm ownership of this phone number.

Certificate can be downloaded only after confirming ownership of a phone number that is being migrated.

In order to download the certificate and proceed with registration, request for a registration code and verify it. Learn more.

2388001 - Please ensure two-step authentication is disabled.

Two-step authentication must be disabled for this phone number.

In your WhatsApp Business Manager Settings, turn off two-step authentication. Learn more.

2388012 - This phone number already exists in your list of phone numbers.

The phone number you are trying to migrate is already present in your WhatsApp account.

Try again with a phone number that is not already present in your WhatsApp account.

2388091, 2388093 - This phone number isn’t eligible to receive/verify a registration code since it is not being migrated.

Phone ownership verification APIs are not available for this use case.

Register and verify the number. Learn more.

2388103 - Cannot migrate phone number.

Webhooks have not been set up for the destination WhatsApp Business account.

Subscribe your app to webhooks for the destination WhatsApp Business account. Learn more.

2388103 - Please add this phone number in your WhatsApp account

This phone number is eligible to be added directly, and does not need to use phone migration APIs.

Add the phone number to your WhatsApp account from Business Manager directly, and proceed with registration. Learn more.

2388103 - Registered name should be present and approved.

The business phone number must have an approved display name (name_status is APPROVED) and cannot have any associated pending display name change requests.

Get your business phone number's display name approved. See Display Names.

2388103 - The WhatsApp account that this phone number is registered with is not set up correctly.

The source WhatsApp Business Account must be approved, and its "messaging on behalf of" must be approved.

Work with the business that owns the source WhatsApp Business Account to set up the account correctly or to deactivate it, and then retry migration. Learn more.

2388103 - Your WhatsApp account does not have a payment account.

Your WhatsApp account must have an active credit line in order to send messages after migration.

Set up a credit line for your WhatsApp account, or share your credit line. Learn more.

2388103 - There was an error migrating this phone number.

Something went wrong when trying to migrate your phone number.

Try again after some time. If that doesn’t work, contact support. Learn more.

2388103 - This phone number belongs to a different Business Manager account.

The source and destination WABAs must represent the same business.

Migrate your phone number into a WhatsApp Business Account that is messaging for the same business as the source WhatsApp Business Account. Learn more.

2388103 - Your WhatsApp account must be approved

The destination WhatsApp Business Account must be approved before you can migrate phone numbers.

Ensure business verification is completed, and the WhatsApp Business Account review status is approved. Learn more.

2388103 - Your WhatsApp account’s "Messaging For" request must be approved

The destination WhatsApp Business Account "Messaging For" request must be approved by the client.

Ask your client to accept your "Messaging For" request. Learn more.

2494100 - Account is in maintenance mode.

The business phone number is in maintenance mode.

Try again in a few minutes.

Template Insights Errors

ErrorDescriptionPossible Solution

200005 - Template insights unavailable

Template insights are not available yet for this WhatsApp Business account.

You are unable to enable template insights for this WhatsApp Business account at the moment.

200006 - Cannot disable template insights

Invalid operation. Template Insights cannot be disabled once enabled.

Template insights cannot be disabled once enabled for a WhatsApp Business account.

200007 - Template Insights not enabled

Template Insights have not been enabled for this WhatsApp Business Account

To enable template insights, see Template Analytics.