Graph API Version


Returns a list of current members of the ThreatExchange, alphabetized by application name. Each application may also include an optional contact email address. You can set this address, if desired, under the settings panel for your application. See here.


The following query parameter is required:

  • access_token - The key for authenticating to the API. It is a concatenation of <your-app-id>|<your-app-secret>. For example, if our app ID was 555 and our app secret aSdF123GhK, our access_token would be "555|aSdF123GhK".
  • fields - A list of fields to return in the response

Example query:|aSdF123GhK

Data returned:

  "data": [
      "id": "820763734618599",
      "email": "",
      "name": "Facebook ThreatExchange"

The same query using cURL:

curl -i -X GET \

The same query using Python:

import requests
import json
import ast
import urllib

app_id = '555' # Replace this with your app ID
app_secret = '1234' # Replace this with your app secret

query_params = urllib.urlencode({
    'access_token' : app_id + '|' + app_secret,

r = requests.get('' + query_params)

print json.dumps(ast.literal_eval(r.text), sort_keys=True,indent=4,separators=(',', ': '))