Facebook SDK for iOS Reference  (v4.17)
Previous Versions4.
Core Kit Classes
FBSDKAccessTokenRepresents an immutable access token for using Facebook services
FBSDKAppEventsClient-side event logging for specialized application analytics available through Facebook App Insights and for use with Facebook Ads conversion tracking and optimization
FBSDKApplicationDelegateThe FBSDKApplicationDelegate is designed to post process the results from Facebook Login or Facebook Dialogs (or any action that requires switching over to the native Facebook app or Safari)
FBSDKAppLinkResolverProvides an implementation of the BFAppLinkResolving protocol that uses the Facebook App Link Index API to resolve App Links given a URL
FBSDKAppLinkUtilityClass containing App Links related utility methods
FBSDKButtonA base class for common SDK buttons
FBSDKGraphErrorRecoveryProcessorDefines a type that can process Facebook NSErrors with best practices
FBSDKGraphRequestRepresents a request to the Facebook Graph API
FBSDKGraphRequestConnectionThe FBSDKGraphRequestConnection represents a single connection to Facebook to service a request
FBSDKGraphRequestDataAttachmentA container class for data attachments so that additional metadata can be provided about the attachment
FBSDKProfileRepresents an immutable Facebook profile
FBSDKProfilePictureViewA view to display a profile picture
FBSDKTestUsersManagerProvides methods for managing test accounts for testing Facebook integration
FBSDKUtilityClass to contain common utility methods
Core Kit Protocols
FBSDKCopyingExtension protocol for NSCopying that adds the copy method, which is implemented on NSObject
FBSDKErrorRecoveryAttemptinga formal protocol very similar to the informal protocol NSErrorRecoveryAttempting
FBSDKGraphErrorRecoveryProcessorDelegateDefines a delegate for FBSDKGraphErrorRecoveryProcessor
FBSDKGraphRequestConnectionDelegateThe FBSDKGraphRequestConnectionDelegate protocol defines the methods used to receive network activity progress information from a FBSDKGraphRequestConnection
FBSDKMutableCopyingExtension protocol for NSMutableCopying that adds the mutableCopy method, which is implemented on NSObject
Core Kit Other
Login Kit Classes
FBSDKLoginButtonA button that initiates a log in or log out flow upon tapping
FBSDKLoginManagerFBSDKLoginManager provides methods for logging the user in and out
FBSDKLoginManagerLoginResultDescribes the result of a login attempt
FBSDKLoginTooltipViewRepresents a tooltip to be displayed next to a Facebook login button to highlight features for new users
FBSDKTooltipViewTooltip bubble with text in it used to display tips for UI elements, with a pointed arrow (to refer to the UI element)
Login Kit Protocols
FBSDKLoginButtonDelegateA delegate for FBSDKLoginButton
FBSDKLoginTooltipViewDelegateThe FBSDKLoginTooltipViewDelegate protocol defines the methods used to receive event notifications from FBSDKLoginTooltipView objects
Login Kit Other
Share Kit Classes
FBSDKAppGroupContentA model for creating an app group
FBSDKAppInviteContentA model for app invite
FBSDKAppInviteDialogA dialog for sending App Invites
FBSDKGameRequestContentA model for a game request
FBSDKGameRequestDialogA dialog for sending game requests
FBSDKHashtagRepresents a single hashtag that can be used with the share dialog
FBSDKLikeButtonA button to like an object
FBSDKLikeControlUI control to like an object in the Facebook graph
FBSDKMessageDialogA dialog for sharing content through Messenger
FBSDKSendButtonA button to send content through Messenger
FBSDKShareAPIA utility class for sharing through the graph API
FBSDKShareButtonA button to share content
FBSDKShareDialogA dialog for sharing content on Facebook
FBSDKShareLinkContentA model for status and link content to be shared
FBSDKShareMediaContentA model for media content (photo or video) to be shared
FBSDKShareOpenGraphActionAn Open Graph Action for sharing
FBSDKShareOpenGraphContentA model for Open Graph content to be shared
FBSDKShareOpenGraphObjectAn Open Graph Object for sharing
FBSDKShareOpenGraphValueContainerA base class to container Open Graph values
FBSDKSharePhotoA photo for sharing
FBSDKSharePhotoContentA model for photo content to be shared
FBSDKShareVideoA video for sharing
FBSDKShareVideoContentA model for video content to be shared
Share Kit Protocols
FBSDKAppInviteDialogDelegateA delegate for FBSDKAppInviteDialog
FBSDKGameRequestDialogDelegateA delegate for FBSDKGameRequestDialog
FBSDKLikingThe common interface for components that initiate liking
FBSDKShareOpenGraphValueContainingProtocol defining operations on open graph actions and objects
FBSDKSharingThe common interface for components that initiate sharing
FBSDKSharingButtonThe common interface for sharing buttons
FBSDKSharingContentA base interface for content to be shared
FBSDKSharingDelegateA delegate for FBSDKSharing
FBSDKSharingDialogThe common interface for dialogs that initiate sharing
Share Kit Categories
Audience Network Classes
FBAdChoicesViewFBAdChoicesView offers a simple way to display a sponsored or AdChoices icon
FBAdImageRepresents an image creative
FBAdSettingsAdSettings contains global settings for all ad controls
FBAdStarRatingRepresents the Facebook ad star rating, which contains the rating value and rating scale
FBAdStarRatingViewHelper view that draws a star rating based off a native ad
FBAdViewA customized UIView to represent a Facebook ad (a
FBInterstitialAdA modal view controller to represent a Facebook interstitial ad
FBMediaViewThe FBMediaView loads media content from a given FBNativeAd
FBNativeAdThe FBNativeAd represents ad metadata to allow you to construct custom ad views
FBNativeAdCollectionViewAdProviderAdditional functionality on top of FBNativeAdsManager to assist in using native ads within a UICollectionView
FBNativeAdCollectionViewCellProviderClass which assists in putting FBNativeAdViews into UICollectionViews
FBNativeAdScrollViewContains multiple ads in a scroll view
FBNativeAdsManagerThis class provides a mechanism to fetch a set of ads and then use them within your application
FBNativeAdTableViewAdProviderAdditional functionality on top of FBNativeAdsManager to assist in using native ads within a UITableView
FBNativeAdTableViewCellProviderClass which assists in putting FBNativeAdViews into UITableViews
FBNativeAdViewThe FBNativeAdView creates prebuilt native ad template views and manages native ads
FBNativeAdViewAttributesDescribes the look and feel of a native ad view
FBRewardedVideoAdA modal view controller to represent a Facebook rewarded video ad
Audience Network Protocols
FBAdViewDelegateThe methods declared by the FBAdViewDelegate protocol allow the adopting delegate to respond to messages from the FBAdView class and thus respond to operations such as whether the ad has been loaded, the person has clicked the ad
FBInterstitialAdDelegateThe methods declared by the FBInterstitialAdDelegate protocol allow the adopting delegate to respond to messages from the FBInterstitialAd class and thus respond to operations such as whether the interstitial ad has been loaded, user has clicked or closed the interstitial
FBMediaViewDelegateThe methods declared by the FBMediaViewDelegate protocol allow the adopting delegate to respond to messages from the FBMediaView class and thus respond to operations such as whether the media content has been loaded
FBNativeAdDelegateThe methods declared by the FBNativeAdDelegate protocol allow the adopting delegate to respond to messages from the FBNativeAd class and thus respond to operations such as whether the native ad has been loaded
FBNativeAdsManagerDelegateMessages from FBNativeAdsManager indicating success or failure loading ads
FBRewardedVideoAdDelegateThe methods declared by the FBRewardedVideoAdDelegate protocol allow the adopting delegate to respond to messages from the FBRewardedVideoAd class and thus respond to operations such as whether the ad has been loaded, the person has clicked the ad or closed video/end card
Audience Network Other
Messenger Share Kit Classes
FBSDKMessengerBroadcastContextThis object is used as an override in FBSDKMessengerShareOptions to ensure the broadcast flow in Messenger is triggered, even if your app was entered from a flow that normally triggers the Messenger reply flow
FBSDKMessengerContextThis represents the way that content is shared between Messenger and partner apps
FBSDKMessengerShareButtonProvides a helper method to return a UIButton intended for sharing to Messenger
FBSDKMessengerShareOptionsOptional parameters that change the way content is shared into Messenger
FBSDKMessengerSharerThe FBSDKMessengerSharer is used to share media from apps into Messenger
FBSDKMessengerURLHandlerFBSDKMessengerURLHandler is used to handle incoming URLs from Messenger
FBSDKMessengerURLHandlerCancelContextThis object represents a user canceling out of a share flow in Messenger
FBSDKMessengerURLHandlerOpenFromComposerContextThis object represents a user selecting this app from the composer in Messenger Passing this context into a share method will trigger a the reply flow
FBSDKMessengerURLHandlerReplyContextThis object represents a user tapping reply from a message in Messenger
Account Kit Classes
AKFAccountKitPrimary interface for authenticating AccountKit accounts
AKFAccountPreferencesAccesses Account preferences that are stored on the Account Kit servers for the associated app and account
AKFPhoneNumberThis class represents a phone number
AKFSettingsAccountKit application settings
AKFThemeA theme for the Account Kit UI
Account Kit Protocols
AKFAccessTokenThe protocol that represents an Access Token
AKFAccountThe protocol that represents an Account
AKFAccountPreferencesDelegateThe delegate the receives messages from AKFAccountPreferences
AKFAdvancedUIActionControllerA controller that exposes actions to the AKFAdvancedUIManager
AKFAdvancedUIManagerManager for advanced UI configuration
AKFAdvancedUIManagingProtocol for classes that manage Advanced UI
AKFConfiguringDefines the properties that can be configured for the Account Kit UI
AKFThemingThe receiver can be themed
AKFViewControllerA view controller for Account Kit that reports the status of the login through the delegate
AKFViewControllerDelegateReceives callbacks from the View Controller when the login flow completes