New Pages Experience

The New Page Experience is a way for public figures, businesses, and others who want to build and connect with an audience to manage their professional presence on Facebook.

Many of the same endpoints used for the Facebook Pages API are also available for the New Page Experience API with some exceptions. These exceptions include endpoints that have been deprecated, may reveal private, personal information or are still under development.

Use the Page has_transitioned_to_new_page_experience field to determine if your Page has been migrated to the New Page Experience.

Access Tokens, Features, Permissions, and Tasks

The same feature, permission, and tasks required for each endpoint remain the same for the New Page Experience API.

Available Endpoints

Please visit the reference documentation for a specific endpoint to determine if that endpoint is supported for the New Pages Experience API.

Comment Moderation

A new Page can comment as the Page on new Pages or classic Pages. However, a classic Page can not comment on a new Page.

New Page Field Data Returned

  • is_owned field returns true

Unavailable Endpoints

The following endpoints and their fields are not supported for the New Pages Experience API and will return an error when called.

  • /PAGE-ID/likes
  • /PAGE-ID/global_brand_children
  • /PAGE-ID/tabs
  • /PAGE-ID/visitor_posts

Unavailable Fields

The following PageNode fields are not supported for the New Pages Experience API and will return null unless otherwise stated.

POST Page Fields

  • name – will return an error
  • is_published – will return an error

GET Page Fields

  • affiliation
  • artists_we_like
  • attire
  • awards
  • band_interests
  • band_members
  • best_page
  • bio
  • booking_agent
  • built
  • company_overview
  • country_page_likes
  • culinary_team
  • description_html
  • directed_by
  • engagement
  • featured_video
  • features
  • food_styles
  • founded
  • general_info
  • general_manager
  • genre
  • global_brand_root_id
  • has_added_app
  • has_whatsapp_business_number
  • has_whatsapp_number
  • influences
  • is_chain
  • members
  • mission
  • mpg
  • network
  • new_like_count
  • offer_eligible
  • parking
  • payment_options
  • personal_info
  • personal_interests
  • pharma_safety_info
  • plot_outline
  • press_contact
  • privacy_info_url
  • produced_by
  • public_transit
  • release_date
  • restaurant_services
  • restaurant_specialties
  • schedule
  • screenplay_by
  • season
  • starring
  • start_info
  • store_code
  • store_number
  • whatsapp_number
  • written_by

Other Unavailable Fields

The comments_mirroring_domain field for the GET /PAGE-ID and GET /PAGEPOST-ID/promotable_posts endpoints is not supported and will return an error.

Next Steps

Learn how to get the ID for your Facebook Page and publish a post on your Page using the Get started with the Pages API guide.