Facebook Pages API

The Facebook Pages API from Meta allows apps to access and update a Facebook Page's settings and content, create and get Posts, get Comments on Page owned content, get Page insights, update actions that Users are able to perform on a Page, and much more.

This document contains the guides you will use to learn about and implement the Facebook Pages API.

Beginning October 2, 2020, we will begin migrating select Facebook Pages to the New Page Experience.

Documentation Contents

We recommend you read each guide in the following order outlined in this document.

  1. Overview – Learn about the components of the Pages API and how it works.
  2. New Page Experience – For Pages that have been migrated from the Classic Page experience to the New Page Experience.
  3. Getting Started – An introductory tutorial showing you how to publish a post to your Facebook Page
  4. Manage a Page – Get a list of your Pages with tasks you can perform on each and Page access tokens, and update Page settings.
  5. Posts and Comments – Create, publish, update, and delete Page posts and comments.
  6. Page Insights – Get insights into your Page posts.
  7. Pages Search – Search for Pages.
  8. Page Tabs – Get list of tabs for your Page.
  9. Meta Webhooks – Get real-time notifications sent to your server for events that happen on your Page.
  10. Upcoming Changes – Get notifications about upcoming changes Meta will be implementing on your Page.
  11. Error Codes – View error codes and their description for errors you may encounter when implementing the Pages API.
  12. Changelog – View the log of changes for the Pages API.