Get Started

This document explains how to successfully call the News Indexing API to index your URLs.

Be sure you read and understand the Overview before following this tutorial.

Before You Start

You will need the following:

Index an Article

Use a POST Request

Send a POST request to the id parameter and set url to the URL for your article, scopes to news_tab_dev_env, and access_token to your system user access token.

Example Request

Formatted for readability.
curl -i -X POST "{article-url}

On success, the following response will be returned:

  "url": "{article-url}",
    "news_tab_dev_env": "INDEXED"

Use Graph API Explorer

Alternatively, you can use the Graph API Explorer to send the POST request or get the applicable code to add to your app.

Step 1. Select POST from the method dropdown.

Step 2. Add ?id={article-url}&scopes=news_tab_dev_env to the query string field.

Step 3. Paste the system user access token to the Access Token field. The access token should populate the Graph Explorer tool with the correct permissions and app.

Step 4. Click on Submit.

Your Indexed Article

The article is now indexed but in development. It is not yet in Facebook News. You should be able to view the new indexed article in the Creator Studio under File Management > Your Assets of your website's Facebook Page.

Rate Limits

For calls made while in development mode, scopes = news_tab_dev_env, the following limits apply:

Rate limits will change when publishing indexed articles.

Next Steps

Learn how to get the status of an indexed article and push the article to production to surface it in Facebook News.