Submitting Your Messenger App

When you are ready to release your app to the public, you must submit it for review. This review process allows us to ensure your Messenger app abides by our policies and functions as expected before it is made available to everyone on Messenger.

To submit your app, review the requirements then visit our App Review documentation.

For Login Connect with Messenger apps, see the "Requirements" section in the Login Connect documentation.


Before you submit your app, please do the following:

  • Ensure your app abides by all of the Platform policies.
  • Ensure your app follows the Community Standards.
  • Review our pre-launch checklist.
  • Publish the Facebook Page associated with your app.
  • Ensure your webhook is functioning as expected and returning a 200 OK response to webhook events within 20 seconds.
  • If your app has gated functionality or content, provide a way for our review team to access and test it. For example, if a feature requires a user to log in to your service, be sure to provide a username and password in the submission notes. Another common practice is to provide a trigger phrase our reviewers can send to your app that will allow them to start normally gated flows.

App Review