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Ad Creative Link Data Image Overlay Spec


How to render overlays on an image for a dynamic item in Dynamic Ads. Image overlays are not supported on Instagram, if you use image overlays, the ad will be delivered to Instagram but the overlay will not render on the images.


This endpoint doesn't have any parameters.


enum {free_shipping, popular}

Render custom text overlays on the image. This option only applies when text_type is custom.


Render margin between overlay and edge. This option only applies with pill_with_text

enum {pill_with_text, circle_with_text, triangle_with_text}

Overlay creative template. This includes a background shape and text layout

enum {top_left, top_right, bottom_left, bottom_right}

Position for overlay on an image. pill_with_text and circle_with_text templates allowed on all four positions. triangle_with_text only allowed on top_left and top_right

enum {droid_serif_regular, lato_regular, nunito_sans_bold, open_sans_bold, open_sans_condensed_bold, pt_serif_bold, roboto_medium, roboto_condensed_regular, noto_sans_regular, dynads_hybrid_bold}

Font type for text strings. If you choose a text type which shows prices, and there are items with currencies other than dollar and euro in the product set, you should use dynads_hybrid_bold for your font. If you choose another font, we default to dynads_hybrid_bold for items with non-dollar, non-euro currencies


A list of template tags used to create custom content for a particular text_type. For example, when text_type is price, format price by passing in ["{{product.price round}}"] in order to format 334.56 as 335. Some businesses have multiple pricing options and this field enables you to customize the pricing option that appears in an ad. For example, for hotels, two pricing options are ["{{hotel.base_price}}"] or ["{{hotel.sale_price}}"]. If you use text types with multiple fields, such as strikethrough and percentage_off, you should provide the higher price to be the first element in the array.

enum {price, strikethrough_price, percentage_off, custom, from_price, disclaimer, guest_rating, star_rating, sustainable, automated_personalize}

Content type for text string that overlays a dynamic item. We display the actual text strings from your catalog. For price text type with pill_with_text template, limited to 13 characters, including whole price string with currency symbols. Limited to 6 characters for price text type with other templates. Limited to 6 characters for strikethrough_price text type with all templates. We do not display text overlay for any item with a price string longer than these limits

enum {background_e50900_text_ffffff, background_f78400_text_ffffff, background_00af4c_text_ffffff, background_0090ff_text_ffffff, background_755dde_text_ffffff, background_f23474_text_ffffff, background_595959_text_ffffff, background_000000_text_ffffff, background_ffffff_text_c91b00, background_ffffff_text_f78400, background_ffffff_text_009c2a, background_ffffff_text_007ad0, background_ffffff_text_755dde, background_ffffff_text_f23474, background_ffffff_text_646464, background_ffffff_text_000000}

Theme colors to use in overlay. Includes background color and text color. Valid themes must contain two sets of color themes: one for white background with color text and another for color background and white text


You can't perform this operation on this endpoint.


You can't perform this operation on this endpoint.


You can't perform this operation on this endpoint.