Real Estate Ads

Use Facebook's real estate ads to leverage cross-device intent signals to automatically promote relevant listings from your inventory with a unique creative on Facebook. For Facebook Marketplace, use this list of our Marketplace listing partners and contact them to arrange for your inventory to be on Marketplace. (Currently, this feature is only available in certain countries.)

To use Facebook's real estate ads, you need an appropriate real estate catalog that lists properties (apartments, condos, homes, land, and so on) to advertise. Each property has information to create customized ads. You can regularly update catalogs through various options. If you use batch uploads, you can also use a partial upload option that enables you to create or update items that changed; see Batch Upload. This is available for all Advantage+ catalog ads.

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Get Started

A list of steps on how to get started with real estate ads.


Use case-based guides to help you perform specific actions.


Solutions to common problems, troubleshooting tips, and FAQs.

Facebook is committed to protecting people from discrimination, and we are continually improving our ability to detect and deter potential abuse. It’s already against our policies to discriminate by wrongfully targeting or excluding specific groups of people. As part of a historic settlement agreement, we are making changes to the way we manage housing ads.

Advertisers must specify HOUSING as a special_ad_category for ad campaigns that market housing. In doing so, the set of targeting options available for ads in these campaigns will be restricted. Advantage+ catalog ads using Home Listing Catalogs must adhere to these restrictions. See Special Ad Category for more information.