Conversions API Gateway for Multiple Accounts: Account Onboarding and Management

This guide can help an advertiser, agency, partner, or reseller onboard and manage their account in a Conversions API Gateway for multiple accounts instance. We recommend you check the Glossary section to familiarize yourself with the terms used.

Conversions API Gateway for multiple accounts, Gateway for multiple accounts or simply Gateway are interchangeably used in this document.


Verify the following prerequisites before onboarding an account to a Conversions API Gateway account.

Account Onboarding and Administration

Account onboarders and future account admins must have:

  • Full access to the Meta Pixel ID(s) that will be connected to the Gateway.
  • A Facebook account associated with the business account managing the pixels to be connected to the Gateway.
  • Optional administrator access to the DNS provider of the domain used by an account (their pixel) to access the Gateway.
  • Please use Google Chrome browser to execute the onboarding. The Meta Business Extension may not execute properly in other browsers.

How to Use This Guide

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to onboard accounts to the Conversions API Gateway for multiple accounts and manage them.

Unmanaged Account Onboarding and Offboarding

Account User Management, including Enabling Account User Management for the Host

Data Source Management

Manage Domain Allow-Lists and Block-Lists for an Account

Account Data Routing Configuration