Get Started

This guide explains how to successfully set up your catalog for automotive ads.

Before You Start

To create automotive ads, you need a Facebook Page and an ad account.

To launch your catalog's vehicles on Marketplace, you need approval from the Meta Support team. Contact your Meta Partner Manager.

Step 1: Create your automotive catalog

To create an automotive catalog, you should connect a data feed or upload data to Meta servers. The data should contain all the required fields for the vehicles that you want advertise, which are listed in the Reference.

Step 2: Set up automotive events on your website

Automotive ads uses standard and required events, and every event has a set of parameters. You can use the Meta Pixel on your website and mobile app events in your Android app and iOS app.

Step 3: Build your automotive audience

To successfully build and manage your audience, you can:

Step 4: Create and start your automotive ads

This step assumes you have a catalog and product set ready, and have set up the required vehicle events on your website or in your mobile app. If not, see catalog setup and event setup.