Deprecated Targeting Terms

We continuously review the available targeting options as part of our ongoing efforts to provide relevant and quality ad experiences for advertisers and developers. As a result, certain targeting options may become deprecated and ad sets targeted at these objects may pause the delivery.

To identify ad sets targeted at deprecated targeting options, use the following API endpoint:

curl -G \
  -d 'type=<TYPE_VALUE>'

The response:


The type parameter is optional. If not provided, the system returns deprecating ad sets by default.

  • deprecating - Default value. These ad sets continue to deliver, but can't be duplicated into new ad sets. When updated, ad sets with deprecating terms will be rejected unless the terms are removed.
  • delivery_paused - Ad sets with terms no longer valid for delivery, and have been paused by Facebook.

To verify the status of objects listed under ad set targeting specification, use the targeting_option_list parameter in Targeting Search.

You can filter ad account ad sets by their targeting state using the adset.targeting_state filter. For example:


The filter supports these values: normal, deprecating, delivery_affected, delivery_paused.