Advantage+ Catalog Ads Debugging Tools

Use this guide to aid in debugging issues with Advantage+ catalog ads. All these tools are available within Business Manager.

Product Catalog Debug Tool

The Product Catalog Debug Tool provides an overview of the activities you can do with your product catalog. It takes a business, ad account, ad campaign, ad set or ad ID and shows you an overview of all the Advantage+ catalog ads related objects and associations.

Business Info

Once you enter an ID, the tool will resolve it to the business that owns the ad account connected to this ID. Then it will list all the objects such as Meta Pixels, product catalogs, pages and ad accounts that are owned by the business.

Setup Checklist

The setup checklist section of the tool automatically detects the steps that are missing from the Advantage+ catalog ads setup and lists them in order. It also lists permission errors for the current logged in user if there are any.

Advantage+ catalog ads

The Advantage+ catalog ads section lists all the ad campaigns, ad sets and ads that are dynamic ads. It lists the audience ID connected to each ad and will also show the estimated audience size.

This section also allows you to preview ads directly by selecting products from the product set and sending the previews to your desktop or mobile feed. In the preview window, select the products you want to preview from the drop-down on the right, then select the View in Newsfeed option to inject the ad into your desktop feed.

Only ads that are targeted to mobile will have the option to view preview on mobile newsfeed.

Product Sets

The product sets section lists all the product sets within the product catalog. There is a Debug link that shows the product set creation params and this debugger helps you look up if a product belongs to that product set. In the debug window, enter the product ID that you want to look up and the tool will tell you if this product ID belongs in the selected product set.

The Top Products link helps you understand the list of products that will get picked from the product set to be shown in a multi-product ad format.

For specific issues found in your catalog, see Navigate the Issues Tab in Your Catalog.

Retargeting Pixel Debug Tool

The Retargeting Pixel Debug Tool helps you:

  • Debug issues specifically related to retargeting. Once you enter the Pixel ID, the tool reports all ViewContent, Purchase, and AddToCart events.
  • See all events fired for your user ID for the specified Pixel ID. You can visit a product page on your website that fires pixel events for the specified Pixel ID and verify if those Pixels fired were registered correctly when you visited that page.
  • Enter an audience ID and check whether you have been included. This allows you to make sure the audience rules are setup correctly and you are being correctly matched.