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Being a third party developer requires an understanding of principles and practices for app development, some of which may not be familiar to you. The Trust Center centralizes these resources into one location for you and includes best practices, key principles, and steps on how to find support if needed. This also includes information and resources related to the enforcement of Facebook Platform Terms and your access and use of Facebook User Data.

Getting Started

This is the standard guide on how to build apps on our platforms.


As a general rule, the more permissions an app requests, the less likely it is that people will use Facebook to log into your app. In fact, our research shows that apps that ask for more than four permissions experience a significant drop off in the number of completed logins. There are three types of assessments you may need to complete around your app’s use of permissions for access to Facebook User Data:

The following links are relevant best practices to follow as you request for permissions:

Data Security

Developers must always have in effect and maintain administrative, physical, and technical safeguards that meet or exceed industry standards given the sensitivity of the Platform Data. Here are some guidelines about how to comply with our data security requirements:

User Experience

We want to ensure that developers use our APIs in a way that does not negatively impact the experience of users on our apps. The following is a list of considerations when creating user experiences with your app:

Terms and Policies

Developers must comply with our Platform Terms and Developer Policies to remain active on our platform. Here are things to note:


We have a process to verify the identity of a business or individual who owns apps that interact with our APIs.This is different from the verification badge for notable accounts on our Family of Apps. Advanced permissions that you request will require business verification. For more information, visit the Business Verification documentation.


We have a process to enforce on apps that violate our Platform Terms or Developer Policies. Please review the following details on our enforcement procedures:

Staying Updated and Blog Posts

We regularly post on our blogs and platforms to keep developers updated about our processes. Here is a list of resources to see:

Support and Community

We have multiple support channels that developers can use to communicate with us depending on the activity of their apps on our platforms: