You can access support resources by clicking the Support tab, located on the upper-right navigation menu of any Facebook for Developers page. View trending bugs, suggested developer documents, links to developer groups, and ways to contact us with issues. You may need to login to view all features of our support systems.

Developer Community

The Facebook Developer Community groups are the best resources for you to ask questions and share feedback with fellow Facebook developers.

Data Use Checkup FAQs

You can review common questions and answers about the Data Use Checkup process by visiting the Data Use Checkup section on the Support FAQ page.

Direct Support

Use the Facebook 1:1 support channel for personalized responses to questions about app review, policy violations and API access.

Platform Status Dashboard

Use the Platform Status Dashboard to learn about platform status, issues, and outages that might be affecting your app.

Facebook for Business Status

Use the Facebook for Business Status to learn about Facebook platform and business product (Ads, WhatsApp Business API, Facebook Developer Platform, etc.) issues.

Contact Us

  • Developer Appeals – View app appeals, appeal a descision, restore apps, and get help finding apps you used to own but can not find.
  • Report a Bug - Report a platform bug, view other bugs that have been reported, and see the status of a bug report.
  • Report a Platform Data Incident – Report security incidents involving platform data or systems that process plaform data, or platform data that was received in error or processed in violation of Facebook policies and terms.
  • Report a Platform Policy Violation – Report an app or game for a policy violation in the Facebook Help Center.
  • Business Manager – Visit the Business Manager for any questions about business issues in including payments.