Create an App

The app creation flow gathers the minimum amount of information needed to generate a unique ID for your app. Once you complete the flow you will end up in the App Dashboard where you can provide additional information about your app, or start building and testing right away.

Before You Start

  • You must be logged into your Facebook developer account.

  • Ensure you have not exceeded your app limit. As a Developer, you are permitted to have a developer or administrator role on a maximum of 15 apps. This limit applies to your apps not already linked to a Meta Verified Business. If you have reached the app limit and are unable to create an application or accept a new pending role, take the following steps:

    • Visit your My Apps page to remove any apps you no longer use. You can remove an app entirely or resign your role as an administrator or developer from the app.
    • If you have already gone through Meta Business Verification, link any unlinked applications to that verified business.
      • If you have not gone through Meta Business Verification and are eligible, please follow the steps to get your business verified.

Step 1: Start the app creation process

If you just came from the registration flow, click the Create First App button.

Welcome to Facebook for Developers modal with Create First App button.

Otherwise, go to the Apps panel and click Create App.

Apps panel at with Create App button.

Step 2: Choose an app type

Your app type determines which products and APIs are available to your app. If this is your first time creating an app and you are just exploring the app creation flow, choose the None option. Later, when you are more familiar with our products and APIs, refer to our app types document to determine which app type is best suited for your app, then create a new app and choose an appropriate type.

Step 3: Set your app name and email

Enter the name of your app and an email address where we can send you any important developer notifications. The email address can be different from the email address associated with your Facebook account, just make sure it's valid and that you monitor it, since all important developer notifications will be sent there.

You can also add a Facebook Business Manager account if you have one, then click Create App.

Screenshot of name, email, and Business Manager account modal.

Once you have completed the app creation flow your app will be loaded in the App Dashboard.

Screenshot of a newly created app in the App Dashboard.

Next Steps

Now that you have created your app you can start building and testing. You can also explore the App Dashboard and provide additional information about your app, but it's not necessary to start building. You can always return the dashboard and adjust settings as they are needed.