App Events allows you to track actions that occur in your mobile app or web page such as app installs and purchase events. By tracking these events you can measure ad performance and build audiences for ad targeting.

How It Works

There are three types of App Events:

  • Automatically Logged Events - The Facebook SDK can automatically log app installs, app sessions, and in-app purchases.
  • Standard Events - Popular events that Facebook has created for you.
  • Custom Events - Events you create that are specific to your app.

An app event has three parts:

  1. name - A required string that describes the event. The name appears in the Event log when the app event is sent to Facebook Events Manager.
  2. valueToSum - An optional value that Analytics adds to other Value To Sum values from app events with the same name.
  3. parameters - Optional values included with your app event.

The maximum number of different event names is 1,000. Note: No new event types will be logged once this cap is hit and if you exceed this limit you may see an 100 Invalid parameter error when logging. However it is possible to deactivate obsolete events. Read more about event limits in the FAQ.


Register Your App

Register as a Facebook developer and create an app with basic settings and platform information.

Next Steps

To add app events to your Android or iOS mobile app or web page, you integrate the Facebook SDK. After installation, you can add app events with the codeless setup tool or install event code manually. Use the following guides to integrate the SDK and set up app events for your app or web page: