App Events Best Practices Guide

App events allow you to measure conversions associated with Facebook ads and build audiences to acquire new users as well as re-engage your existing users.

How to Use This Guide

Prior to writing any code to integrate app events, we recommend spending a little time thinking about the key events you want to log within your app and what parameters associated with those events you will want to collect. This document will serve as a starting point for developers and marketers to help determine what events and parameters should be logged with app events.

  1. Learn about the differences between events and parameters
  2. Find the example app most similar to your app and use it as a guide for determining what events and parameters to log but feel free to add additional custom events and parameters that make sense for your app
  3. Create a finalized list of events and parameters relevant to your app
  4. Integrate app events based on your list using the channel documentation below:
  5. Finally, don't forget to verify your events and parameters before you submit an update to the Google Play or iOS App Store using verification steps detailed in the above platform specific docs

Events Versus Parameters

A typical area of confusion for developers encountering app events for the first time is the difference between events and parameters.

  • An event is an action a person takes in your app such as Achieved Level, Added to Cart, or Purchased
  • A parameter is a specific data point for an event such as Level 3 or $3.72

For instance, Achieved Level is an event and Level 3 and Score are two parameters that can be associated with that event.

The maximum number of different event names is 1,000. Note: Events can’t be removed and no new event types will be logged once this cap is hit. Read more about event limits in the FAQ.

GDPR Compliance

When you use the FB SDK for App Events, our business terms require that you have an appropriate legal basis to collect and process users' information. Under GDPR and other EU data protection regulations, you are required to obtain end user consent before sending data via our SDK. Thus, you need to ensure that your SDK implementation meets these consent requirements.

Please see our GDPR Compliance guide for more information.

App Events Sample Apps by Category

We've created some recipes for different types of apps in order to make it easier for you to see how you can use app events in your app.

It is important to note that these guides should be used as a starting point for your app and should be customized. Each of the example apps provides a screen by screen breakdown of the different events and parameters that can be collected. At the end of each section there is a table listing the recommended events and parameters for each app. And, if required, you can create your own events and parameters.