Android In-App Purchase Verification

In-app Purchase Verification is a feature of the Facebook SDK that allows you to verify the legitimacy of every purchase made within your app. By validating purchase receipts with Google Play, you can ensure that the purchase data you see in Facebook Analytics or use to measure, target, or optimize your ad campaigns on Facebook, is accurate and not distorted by fraudulent purchases.


Add Verification

1. Go to your app in the Facebook App Dashboard and select Settings > Basic in the left side panel.

2. Scroll down to the Android Platform card and toggle the Log In-App Purchase Events Automatically to Yes if you have not already.

3. Toggle Google Play Credentials to Yes to upload the JSON credentials file you downloaded to your local machine from the Google API Console.

4. Once the file has been uploaded click Save and the toggle shows Yes.

Update Verification Credentials

To change the verification credentials, click the Update link in the Google Play Credentials section of the Android Platform card. You are asked to upload the new file. Click Save to update the file.