App Events for Collaborative Ads - iOS

Collaborative Ads allows producers, such as consumer-packaged goods advertisers to run ad campaigns to drive people to seller platforms. Such platforms include online retailer websites or apps and those that can measure, retarget, and optimize towards people who have interacted with the producers' products on the seller platforms. Access to the Collaborative Ads features is provided on a limited basis only. Please contact your Facebook Representative.

To use Collaborative Ads features, the sellers need to implement the following required standard events with their respective parameters. If you're not familiar with app events and parameters, or you need to set up Facebook SDK for iOS, see Getting Started with App Events for iOS.

Required Standard Events

The seller platform needs to provide the following standard events.

Event Name Description Required Parameters Optional Parameters

View Content: FBSDKAppEventNameViewedContent

valueToSum: Price of item viewed (if applicable)

When a product page is viewed.

A person lands on a product details page.

Content or ContentID, and ContentType


Add to Cart: FBSDKAppEventNameAddedToCart

valueToSum: Price of item added (required)

When a product is added to the shopping cart.

A person clicks Add to Cart.

Content, ContentType, and Currency



Use the logPurchase method instead.

valueToSum: Purchase price (required)

When a purchase is made or checkout flow is completed.

A person has finished the purchase or checkout flow and lands on thank you or confirmation page.

Content, ContentType, and Currency


Parameter: FBSDKAppEventParameterName Description Value Type

Content: FBSDKAppEventParameterNameContent

A string of an array of JSON objects that contains the International Article Number (EAN) when applicable, or other product or content identifier(s) associated with the event (Product Group ID is not supported) and quantities of the products.

Required: id and quantity.

Example: "[{\"id\": \"ABC123\", \"quantity\": 2}, {\"id\": \"XYZ789\", \"quantity\": 1}]

Note: This parameter is required for Add To Cart and Purchase event and is optional for View Content event if ContentID is provided.


Content ID: FBSDKAppEventParameterNameContentID

Product IDs associated with the event, such as SKUs (Product Group ID is not supported).

Example: '["ABC123", "XYZ789"]'


Content Type: FBSDKAppEventParameterNameContentType

Must be "product".

Note: "product_group" and other values are not supported


Currency: FBSDKAppEventParameterNameCurrency

Currency for the value specified in ISO 4217 currency code.

Example: "USD", "GBP", "JPY"


Value: valueToSum

Value of a user performing this event to the business.

  • For ViewContent, the value of an item.
  • For AddToCart, the value of new items added to cart at once. It's not the current total basket value.
  • For Purchase, the total basket value, including other fees, such as shipping fee and tax.

Example: 21.5

integer or float


ViewContent Event

[FBSDKAppEvents logEvent:FBSDKAppEventNameViewedContent
    parameters:@{ FBSDKAppEventParameterNameCurrency    : @"USD",
                  FBSDKAppEventParameterNameContentType : @"product",
                  FBSDKAppEventParameterNameContent     : @"[{\"id\": \"1234\", \"quantity\": 1}]";

Or, with minimal parameters:

[FBSDKAppEvents logEvent:FBSDKAppEventNameViewedContent
    parameters:@{ FBSDKAppEventParameterNameCurrency    : @"USD",
                  FBSDKAppEventParameterNameContentType : @"product",
                  FBSDKAppEventParameterNameContentID   : @"1234";

Note: The minimal parameter setup is valid for ViewContent only and not valid for AddToCart and Purchase.

AddToCart Event

[FBSDKAppEvents logEvent:FBSDKAppEventNameAddedToCart
    parameters:@{ FBSDKAppEventParameterNameCurrency    : @"USD",
                  FBSDKAppEventParameterNameContentType : @"product",
                  FBSDKAppEventParameterNameContent     : @"[{\"id\": \"1234\", \"quantity\": 2}, {\"id\": \"5678\", \"quantity\": 1}]" } ];

Purchase Event

    currency: @"USD"
    parameters:@{ FBSDKAppEventParameterNameContentType : @"product",
                  FBSDKAppEventParameterNameContent     : @"[{\"id\": \"1234\", \"quantity\": 2}, {\"id\": \"5678\", \"quantity\": 1}]" } ];

Common Mistakes

  • Content: "[\"id\": \"SKU-123\"}, {\"id\": \"SKU-456\"}]" - Missing quantity key.
  • ContentID: "SKU-123,SKU-456,SKU-789" - Missing an array symbol.
  • ContentID: [] - Missing SKU IDs in an array.
  • ContentType: "soap" - The value is not "product".
  • Currency: "$" - Cannot use a currency symbol format.
  • valueToSum: "5000,00" - Wrong format (should not be a string with comma).