The Facebooks Ads for Apps Overview describes the components and tools you will use to run ads on Facebook for your apps.


Ad Campaigns

You can create and run app ads with the app installs as the objective using the Marketing API or the Ads Manager. Learn more.

Ads Manager

You can use the Ads Manager to create an App Ad and to track both automated and manual app ads. Learn more.

App Ads Helper

Check the performance of your mobile app ads, see the latest install events, and verify that app events and deep links are working. Learn more.

App Events

App events allow you to track specific actions or events that occur on your app. Learn more.

Business Manager

To run ads on Facebook, you must have or be a part of a Facebook Business Manager that is connected to your app. Learn more.

Facebook App

To get the most out of your app ads, you will want to register your app with Facebook, and connect your app to your business manager and your ad account. Learn more.

Facebook SDK

If you want to use ad objectives other than App Installs, you will need to implement one of the following: * The Facebook SDK * The Marketing API's Conversions API * A Partner Integration with Meta