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Login changes and Facebook's new app!

November 7, 2006ByDave Fetterman

As promised, we have changed the login procedure. This change should improve your users experience and requires no modifications to existing applications. Now, if a user was already using Facebook, logging into an app happens transparently. Because of this, developers might want to provide a way for users to logout by posting the word "confirm" to Alternatively, developers can provide a link to switch the user via the login page’s "skipcookie" parameter (as described in the authentication guide.


p> We have also increased the session timeouts for desktop and web applications to 24 hours. To extend the session beyond 24 hours, a web app can transparently link the user to the login page which will automatically redirect back to your application with a new session key. Desktop applications can extend their session as usual by simply making API requests.


p> Finally, we thought you guys might be interested in a new Facebook Toolbar built for Firefox. It’s open source, so if you’re interested in adding functionality (or porting it to another browser), join the discussion thread!