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Facebook Launches Verification for Individual Developers

December 10, 2018ByKonstantinos Papamiltiadis

As announced earlier this year, all apps using certain Facebook Platform APIs need to go through a comprehensive review process. As part of this review, developers need to verify the business associated with their app by connecting to a Business Manager account and providing business details and documentation.

However, we've heard from many developers who aren't associated with a business and want to build on the Facebook platform. To support these developers, we're releasing an individual verification process that enables them to complete the app review process and continue using Facebook Platform APIs.

Individual verification grants developers full or limited access to the features below:

Full access:

Limited access:

Getting started:

After you submit your app for review and it has successfully passed the review process, you'll receive a request for further verification where you can select verify as an individual.

From there, you'll enter your email address where we can contact you.

You'll then upload an approved verification document, which includes (but is not limited to) a passport, government-issued photo ID and drivers license. We will then review the document and send you an email letting you know if the document is approved or not. Please note that your privacy is very important to us and documents will only be used to verify you as an individual and will never be posted publicly.

Once the document is approved and the contract is signed, the app review submission is done and you will have access to certain Facebook Platform APIs.

Individual verification is part of our continuing efforts to improve Facebook App Review and support our Facebook developers as they build on the Facebook platform. Learn more about app review with individual verification.