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Bringing Facebook Platform to Android Devices

December 7, 2011ByRaghu Chandrasekaran

A few weeks ago, we launched Facebook Platform on Mobile, introducing social app discovery to our users on iOS and the Facebook mobile website. We see this driving strong user growth to mobile app developers, sending millions of users to their apps through Facebook social channels. For example, Snap Interactive experienced 70% growth in daily user logins to their iPhone app shortly after we introduced the new features.

Today, we are bringing the same capabilities to Android with Facebook for Android 1.8. This version includes our redesigned mobile user interface and social channels for discovery and engagement with your mobile web apps. Users can discover your apps directly in Facebook for Android via Requests, Bookmarks, News Feed, and Search. Apps can also acquire, engage, and monetize users with Authenticated Referrals and Facebook Credits.

Users and their friends can now spread the word about your app and engage in social experiences within your app, regardless of what devices or platforms they are using.

Facebook Credits works identically on Mobile Web Apps on Android as it does on Apps on Facebook, and provides a safe, easy way for users to pay for virtual and digital goods. The same policies also apply to mobile web apps, including the requirement to use Facebook Credits as their exclusive payment mechanism.

To get started, see our mobile documentation. When you have a mobile optimized version of your app ready, add the Mobile Web URL to your Facebook App Settings. If you are just starting with mobile web apps, check out our HTML5 Resource Center to learn more about building rich and engaging apps in HTML5. Check out some of these HTML5 games and apps by searching for them on the new Facebook Android app - Magic Land, Skyscraper City, Farmville Express, Social Poker Live, Word Racer Live, World War, iMobsters, Vampires Live, Gilt Luck, Huffington Post, Flixster, BranchOut and Audiovroom.