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Introducing Facebook Ads

November 6, 2007ByDave Morin

Today we announce Facebook Ads. As a developer, Facebook Ads provides you with new opportunities to get greater growth for your application with Facebook Social Ads and to create an entirely new class of applications for Facebook Pages.

Facebook Pages
Facebook Pages expand the social graph by enabling brands, businesses, celebrities, and other entities to have a presence on Facebook.

As a developer, you now have new integration points, greater distribution through the expanded social graph, and a new opportunity to connect businesses and users in a relevant, compelling way. You can create all-new business-focused applications, or simply make the applications you've already built for users available for Facebook Pages. Through Facebook Pages, you have access to more users than ever before.

New Integration Points
Facebook Pages provide a business with a profile similar to a user profile, with many of the same features. As a developer you have access to new integration points:

- Pages Profile Box: You can create a profile box for a Page just like you can for a user profile.
- Pages Mini-Feed: As businesses add your application to their pages, your application will be shown in their Mini-Feed. Additionally, you can generate Mini-Feed stories for Pages in the exact same way as user profiles.
- News Feed: All stories that are shown on a Page's Mini-Feed are candidates for News Feed, and you can generate News Feed stories in the exact same way you do for user profiles.

It requires minimal work to integrate your applications into Facebook Pages, and uses the same Facebook Platform technology you're already familiar with.

Expanded Distribution
Facebook Pages expand the social graph, enabling new distribution points for applications and developers. Additionally, since more users interact with your application on Facebook Pages, more feed stories are generated, creating more viral distribution and higher engagement than ever before.

Applications for Businesses
Facebook Pages extend the ways that your application can interact with users, and now with brands, busineseses, celebrities, and more. As a developer you can adapt your current application for use on Pages, or you can create entirely new applications tailored to how these new entities interact with their supporters and fans.

Social Ads
Facebook Social Ads reach more than 50 million people with advanced targeting, content integration, and flexible pricing. As a developer, you can take advantage of Social Ads to boost the speed of distribution for your application.

When you advertise your application using Social Ads we will add social context to your ad by showing users which of their friends have added your application. This enables you to purchase trusted recommendations of your application to ensure users understand which of their friends have installed your application.

To learn more about the technical implementation details, check out the documentation or visit the wiki >