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Platform Updates: Change Log, Third Party IDs and More

December 17, 2010ByFran Larkin

Platform Change Log
We generally announce notable changes on the Developer Blog and minor changes in these Friday blog posts. We’re now also providing a change log for developers to identify changes in our weekly push that may impact their applications.

Third Party IDs
As a reminder, we prohibit Platform developers from passing any data from Facebook to data brokers. Starting January 1st, any applications that need an anonymous, unique identifier to use with permitted partners must use our third party ID mechanism.

End of Year Deprecations
In August, we announced that we’re deprecating some old and infrequently used FBML tags and API methods. Starting the first week of January, these API methods will return an error. These may be breaking changes, so view the full list to see if your applications will be impacted. Please note that based on feedback from developers, pages.blockFan will continue to be supported.

Developer Love
Bugzilla activity for the past seven days:

  • 148 new bugs were reported
  • 21 bugs were reproducible and accepted (after duplicates removed)
  • 11 bugs were fixed (8 previously reported bugs and 3 new bugs)
  • As of today, there are 4,094 open bugs in Bugzilla

Developer Forum activity for the past seven days:

  • 512 new topics were created
  • 349 new topics received at least one reply in the past week
  • Of those 349, 159 were replied to by an admin
  • Of those 349, 180 were replied to by a moderator

Fran is a product marketing manager for Facebook Platform.