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Expanding the Preferred Developer Consultant Program

March 8, 2010ByKristin Thayer

We often hear from brands, celebrities, companies, and organizations who are looking for the best resources to start building an application on, optimize a Facebook Connect integration, or build a Facebook Page. To help you accelerate your efforts, we introduced the Preferred Developer Consultant program in December to connect companies and brands to the resources they need to build with Facebook products and technologies.

We are excited to see the growing ecosystem of businesses that have been created around supporting innovation on Facebook, and today we're expanding this program to recommend 35 additional developers who can help you build world-class social experiences both on Facebook and around the Web. The program now has nearly 50 consultants in 15 countries. Over half of the new Preferred Developer Consultants have international operations and have already built campaigns, community portals, and other social applications in countries like Israel, Lithuania, and Czech Republic.

If you or your company builds high quality Facebook Connect implementations, Facebook applications, and/or Facebook Pages, and is interested in being included as a developer consultant in this program, please visit the Developer FAQ to learn more about submitting your company for consideration.

We also welcome your feedback on the Developer Forum.

Kristin Thayer, who works on the Facebook Developer Network team, is excited to see Connect implemented all over the world.