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New Terms for Advertising Providers on Facebook Platform

February 3, 2010ByNick Gianos

Over the past year, we've focused on providing an environment for developers that rewards high-quality, third-party advertising and monetization practices. Through this process, it's become clear that while you are working hard to monetize your applications in a safe and reliable manner, it isn't easy to ensure that ad and offer providers are following the same terms and guidelines that you adhere to.

To meet this need, we are introducing a set of terms for all ad and offer providers and related services that operate on Facebook Platform. The terms are similar to the terms of service to which all users, developers, and advertisers agree, and are an addition to the existing Facebook Advertising Guidelines. Just as everyone must agree to existing terms of service, we are requiring that all ad providers agree to these new terms. If you are an ad or offer network, please visit this form to submit your information and agree to the terms. We will continue to enforce against anyone who violates any of our terms.

Our intention is to facilitate an ecosystem that upholds the user experience and continues to set the foundation for a platform that delivers substantial long-term opportunities for building or expanding a business. Note that Facebook does not approve or vet the content or services of any ad provider. Developers remain accountable for all content appearing within applications including all advertising content. However, this does ensure that we maintain an open line of communication directly with your monetization providers.

We will continue to provide more resources to developers and ad and offer networks to help everyone better understand our advertising principles.

We welcome your feedback. Please direct any comments or questions to the Developer Forum. If you are an ad or offer network or related service, and wish to contact us directly, please direct inquiries to our Web form.

Nick, a member of the Facebook Advertising Team, is looking forward to seeing new innovative ad products on Platform.