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Introducing the Preferred Developer Consultant Program

December 16, 2009ByKristin Thayer

We often hear from brands, celebrities, companies, and organizations who are looking for the best resources to start building an application on, optimize a Facebook Connect integration or build a Facebook Page. To help you accelerate your efforts, we are introducing the Preferred Developer Consultant program to connect people to the resources they need to build with Facebook products and technologies.

The initial program features 14 companies and individuals who have built flagship applications on Facebook for clients like Red Bull, McDonalds, MTV, and Disney. These consultants are well-versed in building Facebook integrations and offer solutions ranging from contests, polls and campaigns to deeply integrated social experiences. We hope that by providing a directory of companies who have a history of creating flagship applications, we will help you get started, employ best practices, and enhance existing experiences. Please check out the Preferred Developer Consultant directory on the Developer Wiki for more information about the companies we are currently featuring.

If you or your company builds high quality Facebook Connect implementations, Apps on Facebook, and/or Facebook Pages and is interested in being included as a developer consultant in this program, please visit the Developer FAQ for instructions to register your interest.


p> Kristin, who works on the Facebook Developer Network, can't wait to see what you create next!