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Facebook Connect for iPhone. Friends Now Included.

March 14, 2009ByGareth Davis

We're really excited to launch Facebook Connect for iPhone today. Facebook Connect easily lets developers make their websites and desktop applications more social. And with the explosion of iPhone apps over the last year, we want iPhone developers to reap all the benefits Facebook provides.

If you develop apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch, you can now start making those apps more social. With just a few lines of Objective-C code, your users can log in to Facebook from within your app, find their friends, then share what they do in your app back on Facebook, which opens up exciting new opportunities for your users.

Now your iPhone apps can enjoy the benefits that Facebook Connect sites and Facebook Platform apps already enjoy, including:

  • Making API calls so your app can access users' profiles and share information on Facebook.
  • Publishing to Facebook via Feed forms.
  • Asking users for extended permissions, like offline access, so you can still interact with their data when they're offline.

To get started, download the Facebook Connect for iPhone code, read the documentation, and start coding!

Also, you can take 5 minutes to watch the video below, which shows how you can integrate Facebook Connect for iPhone with your app.

Speaking of video, if you aren't here with us at South by Southwest (SXSW), you can watch our presentations later today on the Developer site.

Launching Today

We're excited to share with you these participating apps, which are already live in the App Store. Stay tuned for more coming soon.

We can't wait to see your iPhone apps become more social. Share your comments with us on our Developer Forum.