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Global Winners for the 2019 Developer Circles Community Challenge Announced

November 21, 2019ByKonstantinos Papamiltiadis

Welcome to one of my favorite moments of the year.

Following on from the announcement of our Facebook Developer Circles Community Challenge regional winners back in October, we're excited to reveal our global prize recipients live from our Facebook iD8 conference in Nairobi today!

Given that our team is in Kenya connecting with Africa’s developer and startup ecosystem at the event, we’re also thrilled to celebrate the Aptero team from Mauritius and the HealthPro team from Cameroon as two of our category prize winners from the Sub-Saharan Africa region!

Through the Challenge, we support aspiring and experienced innovators worldwide with the opportunity to build and submit impactful software projects online using React360, Spark AR and HTML5 Games, across the following categories: Gaming and Entertainment, Productivity and Utility, and Social Good.

This year, we also introduced over 140 in-person “Build Days”, where participants had the opportunity to come together offline to build with fellow developers in their local areas and receive resources from the Facebook team.

It’s an honor to reward so many ambitious developers from around the world with more than $165,000 in cash prizes, so they can choose to take their projects further and continue to invest in their skills and careers.

Among the global prize contenders, we loved seeing a group of developers from Pakistan use HTML5 Games to create an engaging drawing app for kids; a team from Cameroon deploy React360 to share important information on treating medical conditions; and innovators from Ukraine use Spark AR to help players navigate a game using facial gestures.

Here are the global winners of our 2019 Community Challenge

We invited our regional winners from October to update their solutions and resubmit them to compete for the Challenge’s top global prizes.

The judges’ feedback is in, and we’re delighted to announce the following winners:

First prize ($25,000):
Fun with English (Indonesia)
An education experience built on HTML5 Games, designed to support young learners as they build their skills in English. Congratulations to Frida Dwi Iswantoro and team!

Second prize ($15,000):
Roar (India)
A Spark AR experience helping people affected by ALS, a neurodegenerative disease that restricts bodily movement, to communicate by blinking and winking. Congratulations to Nithin NS and team!

Third prize ($10,000):
HeadBoard (Ukraine)
An augmented reality game that enables players to navigate an immersive set of obstacles using facial gestures. Congratulations to Alexander Surnin and team!

Category winners:

Productivity & Utility ($10,000):
Aptero (Mauritius)
An immersive virtual reality tool for meetings and collaboration, built using React360

Gaming & Entertainment ($10,000):
ColorMax (Pakistan)
A rich learning and creativity tool, built using HTML5 Games

Social Good ($10,000):
HealthPro (Cameroon)
An interactive hub for discovering important health and medical information, built using React 360

Pre-existing ($7,000):
Cadenza (Canada)
A playful rhythm-based game, built using HTML5 Games

Congratulations to these inspiring innovators and thank you to everyone who participated!

Remember to stay tuned for more updates on Facebook hackathons happening in your local area.

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