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Regional Winners for the Developer Circles Community Challenge Announced

August 15, 2018ByChukwuemeka Afigbo

Following the F8 Hackathon, Developer Circles kicked off the 2018 Community Challenge, an online hackathon calling for developers to create solutions that help build community and bring the world closer together.

Over the past three months, developers around the world built solutions leveraging at least one Facebook developer product. For example, participants from Indonesia leveraged bots for Messenger to improve children's learning experience, Austrian developers built an online effects directory using AR Studio, and participants from Mexico used React to build an app that connects female developers.

In support of the challenge, local Developer Circles across over 70 cities also hosted in-person Build Days, where developers and community leaders met each other and built solutions together.

The first phase of the challenge has now come to a close and the regional winners have been selected!

Here are the regional winners of the 2018 Community Challenge

Asia Pacific

  1. First Place: Whizkids World
  2. Second Place: TravelconPH
  3. Third Place: Car Dost
  4. Best Pre-Existing, Updated Solution: Kongsi core


  1. First Place: Blitz
  2. Second Place: Enlive
  3. Third Place: JoinMe
  4. Best Pre-Existing, Updated Solution: Sharood


  1. First Place: Donor Fu
  2. Second Place: Express
  3. Third Place: Dara
  4. Best Pre-Existing, Updated Solution: SkillMap

Latin America

  1. First Place: safemeet
  2. Second Place: LiveCoding Circles
  3. Third Place: Help In Need Bot
  4. Best Pre-Existing, Updated Solution:

Middle East and North Africa

  1. First Place: Twar2 App
  2. Second Place: Pool It
  3. Third Place: Rendez-Vous
  4. Best Pre-Existing, Updated Solution: SOMI
North America

  1. First Place: ballUp
  2. Second Place: cahoot
  3. Third Place: chingu
  4. Best Pre-Existing, Updated Solution: AlliBot
Sub-Saharan Africa

  1. First Place: JusticeBot
  2. Second Place: Unganisha
  3. Third Place: Nchito
  4. Best Pre-Existing, Updated Solution: We Connect

And, the hackathon isn't over yet! These winners will have the chance to update their solutions based on judges' feedback and resubmit to compete for the top prizes. The first place winner will walk away with up to $30,000 in prizes.

We can't wait to see what our global developer community continues to build!