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Introducing Graph API v3.1, Marketing API v3.1 and Graph API Explorer (Beta)

July 26, 2018ByDiyar Aniwar

Today we're launching the newest Graph API (v3.1), with updates to the Pages API, Webhooks, and Live Videos. We're also announcing a new beta version of the Graph API Explorer.

Pages API

We have replaced role-based permissions with task-based permissions. Tasks are specific Page-related actions. Now, instead of granting someone a role, you'll grant them the specific tasks you'd like them to be able to take. To support these changes, the role and perms fields have been deprecated and replaced with a new tasks field.

This affects the follow edges: /{page-id}/roles, /{user-id}/accounts.

To see how these changes affect the Marketing API and Business Manager API, please refer to the Marketing API changelog or the Marketing API blog update.


Effective October 24, 2018 we're deprecating the following User Webhooks fields across all versions: 'pic_square_with_logo', 'pic_small_with_logo', 'pic_big_with_logo', and 'pic_with_logo.'

Also effective October 24, 2018, in all versions the following fields will return HTTPS URLs that expire: 'pic', 'picture,' 'pic_big', 'pic_small', and 'pic_square.'

Webhooks v2.11 and above already requires use of the HTTPS fields ('pic_https', 'pic_big_https', 'pic_small_https', and 'pic_square_https'). Apps using older versions will need to upgrade to v2.11 or higher and subscribe to the HTTPS fields by January 30, 2020.

Live Videos

To provide greater clarity when querying for live videos, we're renaming the live video type parameter to source. The new source parameter contains two values: target and owner. The target value will query for videos where the given ID is the target of the broadcast, or the intended recipient of the broadcast. The owner value will query for videos where the given ID is the owner of the broadcast, or where the owner is the person who published the live video. The type parameter will be deprecated on October 24, 2018, so if you are using Graph API v3.0 or older, switch from type to source before that date. Take a look at the Graph API version 3.1 changelog entry for more detail.

New Beta Version of Graph Explorer

To improve our developer experience, we recently launched a new beta version of the Graph API Explorer tool. The upgrades include greater visibility of current permissions, an improved view of the currently used access token, and a full screen-width UI. To use the beta, open Graph API Explorer and click on the link at the top banner to opt in. Once on the beta, you'll see a link where you can provide feedback on the tool, as well as the option to revert to classic mode. For help and documentation on using Graph Explorer, head to the Graph API Explorer Guide.

Marketing API Update

The Marketing API now features a new task-based permission system that gives people greater control over permissions in Business Manager. For details, head over to the Marketing API blog post.

Other Resources

For a full list of the Graph API v3.1 updates, please read our changelog. Don't forget to use the API Upgrade Tool to find out if your app will be impacted by any version changes. Check to see how much longer we will be supporting the version of the Graph API you use.

You can post questions about Graph API v3.1 at an event on our Facebook for Developers Community page, and we will answer questions between July 26 to August 2, 2018.

You can expect the next Graph API release in the fall of 2018. And as always, we look forward to connecting with you through the Facebook Developer Community Group.