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2018 F8 Hackathon Winners Announced

June 19, 2018ByKonstantinos Papamiltiadis

We were excited to bring back the Hackathon (a Facebook tradition) at this year's F8, where we brought developers and community leaders together to create solutions that help people build community and bring the world closer together. Participants were asked to build solutions that used at least one Facebook developer product, and bonus prizes were given to participants who created the best solutions for bridging online connections with offline experiences, growing a community, and driving engagement within a community.

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Here are the winners of the 2018 F8 Hackathon:

Best in show: Voice

  • Philip Doueihi
  • Jen Riedel
  • Elliott Rogers
  • David Pfluegl
  • Andra Bria
  • Lisa Heffernan
  • Silvio Doblhofer

Second place: Pseudonymous

  • Asad Memon
  • Azkaaa

Third place: Ombudsbot

  • Piero Divasto
  • Marko Espinoza
  • Frank Chukwuelue

Bonus Prize for the best solution to bridge on and offline experiences: GLTlove

  • girlsLOVEtravel
  • Patrick Pistor
  • Rangaraj Tirumala
  • Steven Schmatz
  • Erica Yuen

Bonus Prize for the best solution to build and grow community: Community Coin

  • Ioana Mischie
  • Ximoperis
  • Nichole Yakstis
  • Christina Rowe
  • Arif Nezami
  • brabo-hi

Bonus Prize for the best solution to drive engaging communities: All_ebt

  • Eli Calderón Morin

And, the Hackathon isn't over yet! In case you missed it, Developer Circles recently announced the kick off of the 2018 Community Challenge, which expands on the same goal as the F8 Hackathon: to create solutions that give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

To participate:

  1. Register for the Developer Circles Community Challenge here.
  2. Join the Developer Community Challenge Facebook Group here.
  3. Join your local Developer Circle and attend a Build Day to collaborate with other developers here.
  4. Create a two-minute demo video that demonstrates your solution’s features and functionality.
  5. Submit your project to the Challenge website by July 26, 2018, 2pm PST. See rules for additional terms and conditions.

The winners of the 2018 Developer Circles Community Challenge will be announced on or around September 14th, 2018. We can't wait to see what our global developer community continues to build!