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Parse Developer Day Kicks Off with Five New Products

September 5, 2013ByIlya Sukhar

The Parse and Facebook team has been hard at work on several new tools the last few months, and at Parse Developer Day we were finally able to share these wonderful new products with the Parse and Facebook community.

For those of you who weren't able to join us in San Francisco, the morning started off in front of more than 600 developers from over 15 countries with some great keynotes from our founders. In addition to the product launches, we also announced that Parse Developer Day raised $20,000 for CodeNow, a non-profit providing free, out-of-school training in computer programming to high school students. The donation will go to helping support the newly opened Bay Area branch of the organization, which is now accepting applications. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, also stopped by to talk about Facebook's early days and share his own stories of app development.

You can find the full list of product launches below, along with links to more detailed posts about each tool.

Parse Analytics - Over the last few months, we've been busy working on ways to let you see a little more closely into the workings of your app and the overall Parse experience. First, we released Push Analytics to provide insight into user interactions around push notifications. We then expanded our realtime offerings to take a closer look at all API Requests passing through Parse.

We're proud to announce the next logical progression in this series of analytics-centric features: Custom Analytics. In addition to being able to slice and dice the details of your use of Parse Data and Parse Push, you can now track arbitrary events with an arbitrary set of dimensions. You can read more about Parse Analytics here.

Unity SDK - Unity is a cross-platform game engine with a built-in IDE developed by Unity Technologies. Used to develop video games for web plugins, desktop platforms, consoles and mobile devices, it is utilized by over two million developers. Today, we're announcing the availability of our Unity SDK. If you've used any of our .NET-based SDKs, this one will be a quick learn as well. Learn more about the new Unity SDK here.

Two New Cloud Modules for Images and Users - Parse is all about making life easier for developers. With that in mind, we've been hard at work adding new Cloud Modules to take care of some of the most common tasks users want to perform in Cloud Code. Today, we're launching two new modules: the Parse Image Cloud Module, and the Parse User Session Module. Find details about the new modules here.

Background Jobs - Easily schedule recurring tasks like sending engagement emails, updating data, and long running computation at any time interval via the dashboard with the newly launched Background Jobs. Read more about implementing these changes here.