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Developer Spotlight: Deezer

April 27, 2012ByStephane Crozatier

France-based Deezer is a music streaming web and mobile app where people can discover, share and listen to over 15 million music tracks.

Deezer web app

Deezer mobile app

What Deezer Does Well

In addition to integrating with the listen action, Deezer maps the most social aspects of their site – liking a song, sharing a playlist and commenting on songs – to Open Graph actions to make it easy for friends share the music they love.

Deezer's music activity feed shows people what their friends are listening to, what songs friends like and who recently joined to improve discovery of new music and increase sharing.
Finally, Deezer provides detailed controls that give people easy ways to manage what is shared to Facebook.

Implementation Profile

Actions - Objects
  • Listen – Song:
    "Stephane Crozatier is listening to a song"
  • Like – Song, Radio Station, Playlist, Album, Profile:
    "Julien Codorniou liked an album"
  • Share – Song, Radio Station, Playlist, Album, Profile:
    "Christian Hernandez shared a playlist"
  • Comment – Song, Radio Station, Playlist, Album, Profile:
    "Elke Karskens commented on a playlist"
  • Top Songs
  • Top Artists
  • Top Albums
  • Top Playlists
  • Playlists Created
  • Top Radio Stations (Top 4)
  • Top Radio Station
  • Listened To (number of songs)

Since launching with Open Graph in September 2011, Deezer has seen the number of monthly active users increase by over 3x, from 605,000 to nearly 2 million.