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Developer Spotlight: Diamond Dash Mobile

April 19, 2012ByJonathan Matus

Diamond Dash is a 60-second gem rush game developed by German developer wooga, where players can match colorful gems, unleash magic diamonds and compete with friends. Wooga extended its popular Facebook game from desktop to iOS in a way that would enable them to reach a new audience of mobile users and allow existing players to synchronize across web and mobile platforms.

Diamond Dash web game

Diamond Dash mobile game

What Diamond Dash Does Well

1. Gets users into the game quickly with Single Sign On: Wooga implemented Single Sign On to get users into the game and find friends quickly by logging in with their Facebook account, without the need to create new usernames and passwords and unnecessary typing.
2. Brings friends into the game with weekly tournament leader board: Diamond Dash is social by design and organically helps users compare their performance to friends by putting the weekly tournament scores at the center of the experience.
3. Gives opportunities to brag: Diamond Dash taps into user psychology and the desire to brag, giving players the ability to post on a friend’s timeline upon beating his or her score. This in turn pulls players back to the game and generates discussion and friendly competition.
4. Drive growth with Open Graph: Wooga also implemented scores, and other Open Graph action-object pairs (such as reach/level, win/medal, unlock/feature). These become compelling news feed stories, creating further distribution on web and in mobile.
5. Spreading word and re-engaging users with requests: Another best practice of good social design is letting your power users spread the word about your game. Diamond Dash does this by allowing players to invite friends to join the game and by letting players who finished their daily-allocated games ask their friends to send them new lives.

Implementations Profile:

Mobile Integrations:

  • Single Sign On for one-click identity and personalization
  • Requests for adding friends and asking for lives
  • Use feed dialog for posting on timeline for sharing achievements and bragging

Social Design:

  • Keeping people at the center
  • Let power users spread word about your game
  • Tap into existing behavior- let people brag upon beating their friends
  • Use Open Graph to generate scores stories and other stories that create News Feed stories

Results since launching mobile integration with Facebook Platform:

  • In the month of March, users were directed to the Diamond Dash app from Facebook more than 18.5 million times.
  • The percentage of users choosing to connect to Facebook via Single Sign On has continued to rise since the game launched – from 28% of users in December 2011, to 64% and rising at the end of March 2012.
  • Users who log into the game via Single Sign On are eight times more likely to spend money, and spend 50% more on average.