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Developer Spotlight: Pose

March 8, 2012ByJeff Sherlock

Pose is a mobile app, canvas app and web site that gives people a way to express their style and discover fashion, beauty and trends from the around the world.


Pose's goals are to attract new users and re-engage existing users by encouraging people to create and share their sense of style and fashion through Open Graph.

What Pose Does Well

Pose mapped the most frequent interactions people take in their app - pose, comment and love - to Open Graph actions to maximize the number of stories users publish.

When a user makes a comment, Pose adds the comment to the message property on the action. As more people interact with the story, the more the story will appear in news feed.

Finally, Pose created objects for categories, such as brands, which allows them to create interesting aggregations for users (e.g., Most Loved Brands).

Implementation Profile

Actions - Objects
  • Pose - Item: "Morin Oluwole posed an item"
  • Comment - Item: "Jeff Sherlock commented on an item"
  • Love - Item: "Kristin Thayer loved an item"
  • Style
  • Style Loves
  • Style Conversations
  • Top Loved Style Items
  • Most Loved Brands
  • Total Poses
  • Total Loves

Since launching with Open Graph, Pose has seen a 5X increase in daily signups for their mobile app and web site by making it easy for people to share the different products and fashion they like with friends.