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Announcing The Facebook Mobile Platform Global Hacks Roadshow- Europe

February 14, 2012ByJonathan Matus

In October, we announced the Facebook Mobile Platform, bringing social channels and distribution to mobile apps. Since then, momentum has been building, and today, more than 60 million visitors interact with apps and games on the platform every month.

In October we also invited mobile developers to join us for a Mobile Hack in Palo Alto. We later visited mobile developers in New York and Boston to hold similar events. Hundreds joined us at each event, learned about the Facebook Mobile Platform, worked on mobile hack projects, and presented them to panels of VCs and tech executives.

We were thrilled that these mobile hack events attracted developers from around the world, from as far afield as London, Israel and Brazil. So we are delighted to announce that the next Mobile Hack series is going to be international, and that we'll be bringing the events to you - throughout both Europe and Asia.

We start off in Europe, and will be running three events:

Later in the month, we'll be heading to Asia. More details about those four events will be released next week.

So how do these hack events work?

Firstly, we'll kick off each with a pre-event introduction to Facebook, our platform, and the benefits developers have through working with us. We'll then deep-dive into learning about building social mobile apps with our new Open Graph platform, as well how to use native platforms, HTML5, and our SDKs for each. We'll highlight success stories from great existing apps as well as introducing important technology partners.

Then, of course, we all hack! With assistance and guidance from Facebook engineers, you will have the chance to build your own mobile social application (or improve an existing one), and then present it to a panel of experts. Prizes will be awarded for the best apps in various categories.

Want to get a head start? Start preparing your mobile app now using our getting started guides. We can't wait to see what you can come up with, and we can't wait to see you at one of these events!

And remember, all of our previous hacks sold out, so please register early as space is limited.