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HTML5 News Recap

February 2, 2012ByMatt Kelly

Here's the latest selection of HTML5 news, demos, and code from the past month. Get these updates in your inbox or RSS reader.

HTML5 Resource Center Updates

Device Experiences & Responsive Design
While the task of designing Web applications and sites for multiple devices can be daunting, two techniques can make the process more manageable: classifying device experiences and designing/building responsively. Here’s how these two approaches can work together to optimize interface designs across a wide range of connected devices.
1,000 HTML5 Group Members
The HTML5 Group on Facebook has hit 1,000 members. Join the conversation.

News and Tutorials

InfoQ: Angry Birds on HTML5
Joel Webber explains what it took for Google to port Angry Birds to Chrome/HTML5, the challenges and technical solutions used.
How Lanyrd Uses HTML5 for a Great Mobile Web App
Lanyrd is releasing the mobile Web version of their app that will take advantage of HTML5's offline caching, making it easier to find your way around a conference filled with bandwidth-guzzling revelers.
W3C Interview with Financial Times
Recently, the Financial Times launched an impressive mobile web app, which is getting some excellent traction. Learn how they built it using contemporary web technologies.
The Edge of HTML5
Eric Bidelman gives an overview of bleeding edge HTML5 and browsers features like WebRTC, Media Capture, and the Web Audio API.

Other News

Tools, Code, and Libraries

WebGL implementation for Xperia phones released as open source
Sony Ericcson launched WebGL support for all of their Xperia mobile phones. Now they've open sourced it to the community.
Look up HTML5, CSS3, etc features, know if they are ready for use, and if so find out how you should use them – with polyfills, fallbacks or as they are.

Other Tools, Code, and Libraries


Cut The Rope
The popular mobile game is now available on desktop as a web app.
PhotoBooth Style Live Video Effects in JavaScript and WebGL
Ever spent hours in PhotoBooth just playing around with the cool live video filters and effects? Now you can do that in your browser as well thanks to Paul Neave’s cool HTML5 video effects demo!
Nokia 3D Maps
Utilizing WebGL, not plugins, Nokia has built an impressive maps tool that allows you to view entire cities in 3D.

Other Demos

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