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Postcards from May Developer Events

June 2, 2009ByJulia Lam

The Facebook Platform team focused much of our attention in Colorado this month, starting off with the Platform team's Josh Elman speaking to over 250 technology professionals at the Glue Conference in Denver. He outlined our vision for how Facebook Platform can become a core part of the new social stack developing across the Web, and discussed new ideas about how social Web services form strong connections between people, like glue.

Facebook Platform's Dave Morin followed up in Colorado by journeying to Boulder to become a TechStars mentor and share how to leverage Facebook technologies with promising startups.

Meanwhile, the Facebook Developer Garage program was in full swing this month with five Developer Garages worldwide bringing their developer communities together to collaborate. The Facebook Developer Garage program serves as a forum to share information and ideas among developers and build together using Facebook Platform.

At the Facebook Developer Garage Cyberjaya, in Malaysia, a tight-knit group of over 70 developers gathered to learn more about Facebook Platform and how to build a basic Facebook application.

Over in London, developers focused on creating branded Facebook apps, emphasizing how they can enhance marketing campaigns. Top developers and online agencies discussed how marketing on Facebook has become an important tool in creating successful online campaigns. They also delved into the details of one of our newest products, the Open Stream API.

We next traveled to the Middle East, where the Facebook Developer Garage Dubai served as the first Developer Garage in the region. Local developers learned how to design a successful application and grow it through distribution channels and virtual currency.

At the Facebook Developer Garage Boulder, developers demonstrated innovation in their technology space by building unique social features into their websites through Facebook Connect. Dave Morin inspired developers to make the Web more social through Facebook Connect, the Open Stream API, and Facebook Connect for the iPhone. They also discussed Facebook becoming the largest Open ID relying party so far, and what that means for developers. Watch video of the event.

The month ended on the beaches of Miami where over 300 developers, marketers, and technology enthusiasts converged to discuss implementing Facebook Connect in under 15 minutes, Facebook Connect for the iPhone, and the Open Stream API. Facebook Platform's Yariv Sadan joined the community to share engineering insights on how best to implement our newest features.

If you'd like to host a Developer Garage in your region, please see our Developer Wiki to learn more about the program or check out the Platform Page to find more Garages near you. We look forward to seeing you at a Facebook event soon!

*Special thanks to Facebook Developer Garage Cyberjaya, Facebook Developer Garage London, IQPC, Facebook Developers Boulder, RefreshMiami and our sponsor Intel.