Meta Business Extension FAQs

Please find answers to some commonly asked questions regarding onboarding into the Meta Business Extension ecosystem and creation of Business Apps.

Onboarding & Eligibility

Who is eligible to use Meta Business Extension to integrate their apps with Facebook? How will you select the developers for early access to Meta Business Extension?

We are excited to open up early access to Meta Business Extension for up to 50 developers with experience in building high quality apps that solve everyday business tasks. We are looking for developers with subject matter expertise in areas where businesses need help the most, and have traction to help them grow. This includes appointment bookings, reservations, food ordering, creative production, automation platforms, and more.

When will you open up to general availability for developers to integrate their apps?

A: We are excited to work with developers to assist businesses in simplifying and streamlining their processes. Our focus is building high quality business apps. This is why we are offering early access to a small set of additional developers. We are currently not planning to open the program up for general access.

When will you open up to general availability for businesses on Meta Business Suite?

We started rolling out Meta Business Suite so business owners can manage all their activities in one place. As of now, millions of businesses are already using Meta Business Suite. Facebook Business Apps are available to all businesses who have already migrated to the Meta Business Suite.


Will developers be charged to list apps or for new user acquisition from Business Apps?

There are currently no one-time nor ongoing charges associated with Meta Business Extension or listing a Business App.

How are payments from users processed? Will Facebook handle payment processing or is this responsibility of the developer?

Payments are currently processed by the developer using their preferred payment platform.

Business App Development

How many businesses will see our app in Meta Business Suite?

As of now, millions of businesses on Meta Business Suite will benefit from Business Apps to grow their business and streamline processes. We are excited to work with developers with access to Meta Business Extension on showcasing their apps in Meta Business Suite.

How much development effort is involved in integrating with Meta Business Extension and Business Apps?

Development effort and time will vary for each developer depending on their familiarity with Facebook products and APIs, as well as their desired implementation of Meta Business Extension. However, based on our experience with business apps we already helped integrate, we expect Meta Business Extension integration to take 5 to 8 weeks for a small team of 1 to 4 developers. Please note that this estimate is subject to change.

Can a developer have multiple apps?

Yes. However, the merits of each app will be assessed individually.

Once I’m done with development, is there a review or publishing process to make my app available to all businesses?

Yes. Once development is complete, your app will undergo review processes before becoming available to the public. This will include our standard developer platform app review, verification and provisioning of the permissions, verification of FBE configuration and an assessment of the overall app quality. We will share more details as part of onboarding for developers invited to participate in early access.

How can merchants attribute visits or conversions on their websites to users coming from Facebook and Instagram CTAs?

Once a Pixel or Conversion API is integrated with your Business App, merchants will be able to get set-up with just a few steps. They will then have access to measurement tools to understand the impact of their ads in driving actions on their websites.

Which categories are currently supported in Facebook Business Apps?

Facebook Business Extension is supporting new and existing categories of Business Apps including ecommerce platforms, appointment booking, reservations, food ordering, creative production, platform integrators, and more.

Can new users sign up to use a new Business App they have not yet registered for through Meta Business Suite?

Currently, businesses who are already registered to an app can connect it to their Facebook and Instagram profiles through Meta Business Suite. Over the next few months, we will enable new user registration across all Business App categories in Meta Business Suite.

Where can I find developer documentation to learn more?

Please check out our developer docs here.

Are there service level agreement requirements for Business Apps to be listed on Meta Business Suite?

Yes. These will depend on the Business App category and will be shared with developers invited to participate in early access.