Security and Compliance Integrations

Workplace customers can meet their compliance, data security, threat protection, and legal eDiscovery requirements by building an integration or leveraging one of our partners' products.


Workplace takes Security and Compliance requirements seriously and has features that our customers around the world can use to comply with their legal, policy, risk, and threat-monitoring requirements.

At a technical level, there are two main Workplace capabilities that support these requirements, each of which are described below in more detail:

  1. Graph API - gives you read access to all user content in your Workplace instance
  2. Webhooks - event-driven notifications that Workplace sends you upon user content changes and user / admin events

Graph API

The Graph API lets you programmatically read all contents out of your Workplace instance. You can use this approach to batch extracts of your Users, Groups, Posts, Comments, Files, Photos, Videos, and Chat Conversations.

The Graph API enables comprehensive retrieval of Workplace content.

This API supports a variety of use cases on an ad hoc or periodic frequency:

  • Archiving / Backing up of your Workplace data
  • Feeding an eDiscovery system upon the start of a legal matter
  • Searching for past usage of keywords


Webhooks notify you when there are content or user actions within your instance.

Webhooks send near-realtime notifications in response to content changes and user actions.

This API supports a variety of use cases that require continual real-time monitoring:

  • Track Workplace audit events like logins and password resets
  • Monitor keyword usage in near-realtime
  • Alert an administrator if a sensitive file has been uploaded
  • Schedule content retention / deletion based on your policy

To build a Webhook Security and Compliance integration, you should register your Custom Integration app to receive Group Topic or Security Topic events.


Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Partners

CASB partners deliver systems that extend compliance, data security, and threat protection capabilities that enterprises are accustomed to in on-premise systems into the cloud.

These products can:

  • Monitor Workplace in near-realtime via API introspection
  • Enforce compliance policies that you define
  • Protect your organization against threats like compromised accounts or data loss

eDiscovery, Archive, and Compliance

eDiscovery, Archive, and Compliance partners offer products that can:

  • Archive all of an organization's electronic communications into a single repository
  • Enable organizations in regulated industries to comply with retention and oversight requirements
  • Are used to support an organization's lawyers to find and review electronic communications in the event of a lawsuit
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