If you are using the Resumable Upload protocol to publish videos you must split your video file into chunks and upload the chunks individually. This guide describes common ways to split videos.

MacOS X Terminal

The Terminal emulator bundled with MacOS X includes a Split utility that can easily create chunks from a target file:

split -b {chunk-size} {video-file-path}
  • {chunk-size} — The maximum size you want each chunk to be, in bytes.
  • {video-file-path} — The path to the file you want to create chunks from.

For example:

split -b 10485760 input.flv

This would generate four 10MB (10485760 bytes) files and one ~5MB file with the names below.

  • xaa
  • xab
  • xac
  • xad
  • xae


Windows does not include a utility to split videos so you will have to use a 3rd-party utility, or install the Windows Subsystem for Linux and then follow the MacOS X Terminal instructions above.