The Video API allows you to publish slideshow Videos on Pages and Groups. Publishing on Users is not supported. The examples in this document use a Page node but apply equally to Group nodes.

Creating A Slideshow

Send a POST request to the Page Videos edge and include an object containing an array of image URLs to be used to construct the video. The images must be hosted on a publicly accessible server. The object should describes how long to display each image and the transition duration between images.

Image Formats


Image Dimensions

If the images have different dimensions the API will crop and resize them to 600x600 pixels and create a square video. If all of the images are the same dimension the video will match that dimension.


  • The request must include a minimum of 3 images and a maximum of 7.
  • Each image must be 10MB or less.

Request Syntax

POST /v19.0/{page-id}/videos

Required Parameters

Parameter Description


A Page access token if publishing on a Page, or a User access token if publishing on a Group.


An object containing an array of image URLs and properties that describe the video. See Slideshow Object Properties below.

Slideshow Object Properties

Property Description


An array containing 3-7 URLs of images to be used in the video's construction.


An integer that indicates the duration in milliseconds that each image should be displayed in the video. Default value is 1750. Value must be greater than 0.


An integer indicating the duration in milliseconds of the crossfade transition between images. Default value is 250. Value must be greater than 0.

Sample Request

curl -X POST \
  "" \
  -F "access_token=EAADd..." \
  -F "slideshow_spec={ \
       "images_urls":[ \
         'https://socialsizz...1.png', \
         'https://socialsizz...2.png', \
         'https://socialsizz...3.png' \
       ], \
       "duration_ms": 5000, \
       "transition_ms": 200 \

Upon success the API will respond with the ID of the newly constructed Video.

Sample JSON Response