Success Story: Game Insight's The Tribez

Game Insight is a global developer and publisher of free-to-play games for mobile and social platforms, including iOS, Android, Facebook, Windows, Vkontakte, and many others. Game Insight has garnered more than 250 million players around the globe.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android


Game Insight wanted to acquire new users and re-engage lapsed players in their popular strategy game, The Tribez.

In order to achieve these goals, Game Insight needed to understand the actions people were taking in their app after installing, and understand how different segments of players interacted with their content. The results that Game Insight generated during this campaign took place during a six-month period in 2014.


Facebook Products Used

  • App Events: Game Insight used App Events to measure the actions people took within in their app, build audiences of gamers that took specific actions within their app, and measure ad performance.
  • App Insights: Game Insight used App Insights to understand how well they were retaining their players.
  • Mobile App Ads: Game Insight ran mobile app install and engagement ads to acquire new high quality gamers and re-market to lapsed gamers.
  • Mobile App Engagement Ads: With mobile app engagement ads, Game Insight successfully re-engaged 200,000 gamers, and over 30% of those gamers ended up converting into payers, resulting in a return on ad spend of 800%.
  • Games Platform: Game Insight used the Facebook Game Platform to reach people without mobile phones.
  • Sharing: Game Insight used Facebook sharing products to maximize organic distribution for mobile and web games.
  • Login: Game Insight used Facebook Login for a quick and seamless authentication experience.


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