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Products Overview

Both Private Lift and Private Attribution are measurement solutions that use encrypted data and are powered by secure multi-party computation (MPC) with select partners such that each participating partner’s data is kept private from the other, and, upon completion of the MPC, each participating partner is only able to view the aggregated output statistics of the computation.

Previously, this type of reporting required at least one party to learn which specific people converted after seeing an ad, considering Meta has the information about who saw an ad and the advertiser has information on who converted. MPC makes it possible for both parties to only learn insights about ads performance, without the need for either party to see the other’s data.

Private Lift is a powerful way to understand the incremental effect of your advertising on Meta’s platform. This is a kind of experiment where we compare groups of people who did and did not have the opportunity to see your advertising to understand its causal impact on specific business objectives, such as brand recognition or conversion.

Private Attribution is a measurement product that determines the user actions that led to the desired outcome between the click of the ad and the conversion. We currently support 1-day click-through attribution.

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Recommendations and guidelines for setting up Private Computation.

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Step-by-step walkthrough of the work needed to set up and run a private measurement study.


Instructions to support setting up your Private Computation environment and AWS infrastructure.